Greyston’s Community Garden Project and the Yonkers CAP have come together again this year to offer residents safe and productive green spaces in the dense urban neighborhoods of Southwest Yonkers.  It is all about keeping families together, eating organic food, beautifying the community, and learning from each other.

Garden FAQs:

  • Who is the garden for?  The garden is for anyone from the community who has become a garden member
  • What do we grow? Tomatoes, peppers, basil, sage, scallions, cilantro, eggplant, oregano, cucumbers, amaranths, melons, flowers, and more!
  • Who eats the food?  Families planting in their garden spaces
  • Do we give the food away?  No, the food grown is for the families who plant
  • What are the garden hours and how do we access the garden? Garden members have a key to enter the garden at their own schedule.

Participants of all ages are welcome to grow and enjoy organic produce and learn about nutriti

on, sustainability, and the environment. To become a garden member, please sign up at

Lucy Moreno Casanova is the Greyston Community Garden Project Coordinator and YCAP board member. It is funded by YCAP and Community Services Block Grant. The garden flourishes and owes much of its success to the wonderful volunteers we have.


Our Community Garden

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