Prevention is about more than dispensing less; it’s about properly removing the excess supply of medications. Without doing so, these medications can be stolen, abused, or leaked into our ecosystem, contaminating our soil and water. Deterra is the only independently tested, safe, and environmentally sound solution for the permanent destruction of opioids, prescription, and over-the-counter medication. The Deterra approach is scientifically proven to completely destroy pills, patches, liquids, creams, and films.

WHAT– A Deterra bag is a way to dispose of any unused medicine. It dissolves pills.

HOW TO USE IT – Open the Deterra bag, pour pods in the deterra bag, place medicine in the deterra bag, pour warm water and shake, then throw it in the garbage.

WHO USES IT – Anyone who has unused medication around the house.

WHY USE IT – To lessen the chance of your medicine getting in the wrong hands; it is also better than flushing it down the toilet.

DETERRA – Drug Deactivation System

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