NYS MBK Fellows Masterclass Series: College Essay Writing

The 2020 MBK Fellows continued their leadership and personal development training with a College Essay Writing workshop.

The three-part series, held earlier this month, focused on the insights and steps that some pay hundreds of dollars for.

Details are posted on the MBK website.



Please go to my2020census.gov and fill out your census right away – it takes about 10 to 15 minutes. If you don’t have a secure connection, or you’d prefer to answer by mail, you should be receiving paper questionnaires later this month that you can mail back. Or you can respond via phone by calling 1-844-330-2020. All census response data is safeguarded by Title 13, which prevents the Census Bureau from sharing it with other parts of the government – including the courts and law enforcement agencies. Whatever you do, please make sure that Yonkers Counts. Please enjoy the following video made by the City of Yonkers.


YCAP is committed to making our community count in Census 2020!

Visit Links to Learn More: https://communityactionpartnership.com/census-2020

Employment Opportunities for Upcoming Census:


In November 2018, the Yonkers Police Department in collaboration with Yonkers Coalition for Youth conducted 15 compliance checks. Yonkers Police Department found all 15 establishments to be 100% in compliance:

Homefield Deli, 970 Saw Mill River Road

Tara’s Corner Deli, 62 Woodlawn Avenue

Veronica’s Deli, 970 McLean Avenue

Stationary and Convenient Store, 998 McLean Avenue

Big E Wines and Liquors, 690 McLean Avenue

Super Delicatessen, 617 McLean Avenue

Kay’s Wines & Liquor, 851 Bronx River Road

Deli & Grocery, 827 Midland Avenue

Wines & Liquor, 459 McLean Avenue

R & V, 466 Riverdale Avenue

Good Food Deli & Grocery, 411 South Broadway

Bus Stop Deli, 273 South Broadway

Corner Deli Grocery, 273 South Broadway

Waterfront on the Go Deli, 37 Main Street

Warburton Deli, 150 Warburton Avenue

Thank you and Congratulations for helping to stop underage drinking!!